Fair Use Policy

Greetings, the good people of the world! This Fair Use Policy defines user behaviors which will not be acceptable on the website https://www.lemmy.world ("we," "us," "our," "the website," "Lemmy.World," or "LW").

User Responsibilities

Responsibility 1: You may only use Lemmy.World if you can clearly understand and actively comply with the terms laid out on our Terms of Service.

Responsibility 2: You were not permanently banished from our website in the past.

Responsibility 3: You are at least 18 years of age and over the regulated minimum age defined by your local law to access Lemmy.World.

Responsibility 4: Report responsibly, and only report content that violates the Terms of Service, or content that violates a community's rules. Do not abuse the reporting system.

Additional Disclaimer

No one under 18 years of age is allowed to use or access the website. There may be designated sections of the website that may require you to be older to use them, so please read all notices and any additional terms carefully when you access Lemmy.World.

Rules for Users

Lemmy.World is intended to host and power online communities from all over the world, and to be a place reliable for your casual entertainment. As sweet as this is, it doesn’t keep us from having the need to set basic rules.

Rule 1: Before using the website, remember you will be interacting with actual, real people and communities. Lemmy.World is not a place for you to attack other groups of people. Every one of our users has a right to browse and interact with the website and all of its contents free of treatment such as harassment, bullying, racism, discrimination, transphobia, hate speech, violation of privacy or threats of violence.

Rule 2: Always be respectful of the privacy of others on Lemmy.World. Never harass or threaten to harass people by revealing personal information or any type of media. Sharing sensitive information or media belonging to or depicting a person or entity (other than yourself) is only allowed on the condition that you have their explicit consent, or that it is publicly available information or media served in compliance with our content policy.

Rule 3: You may not engage in any activities that may interfere with the normal use of or access to Lemmy.World.

Rule 4: Do not post illegal content of any type. Do not engage in any activity that may encourage, facilitate or provide access to illegal transactions. Do not share or encourage the sharing of abusive or sexually suggestive content involving minors. Any violent or otherwise inappropriate behavior involving a minor will also always be strictly prohibited.

Rule 5: Your participation in individual communities will only be acceptable on the condition that you abide by their rules. Always post compliant content that upholds the rules of the individual community and the website, and is of personal interest to you. Do not engage in content manipulation such as posting spam content, vote manipulation through using several user accounts or consistently down-voting a user. Vote for the content, not for the person.

Rule 6: No visual content depicting executions, murder, suicide, dismemberment, visible innards, excessive gore, or charred bodies. No content depicting, promoting or enabling animal abuse. No erotic or otherwise suggestive media or text content featuring depictions of rape, sexual assault, or non-consensual violence. All other violent content requires a NSFW tag. Exclusions may include: we uphold the right to make exclusions to this rule on a case by case basis, if requested by users and accepted by Lemmy.World.

Rules of Use for Bots

1- Bots shall not be used for any kind of advertising.

2- The bot accounts must be clearly marked as a bot. Both in the bio and by marking the account as a bot.

3- The owner of the bot and contact details must be mentioned in the bot’s bio.

4- Bots are only allowed to post in communities they have the explicit permission from the community’s owners to do so.

5- Bots from other instances that post in Lemmy World communities must follow the same rules.

6- Bots shall not just be posting Reddit content.

7- Bots shall not be “spammy”, as in multiple posts per minute.

-8 Breaking any of these rules will result in a ban for the Bot and, if required, its owner.

-9 Commands must use the bots mention as prefix, and not a text prefix like !help.

Contact Us

Any issues, questions, requests, concerns or demands regarding Lemmy.World, the content it includes or the document iself may be sent to [email protected].